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AMSOIL Fast Acting Engine Flush is made from a carefully selected blend of solvents and special cleaning agents that dissolve and disperse harmful deposits formed in the crankcase, cylinder walls, pistons and rings of an internal combustion engine.  When used as directed, it cleans and restores operating efficiency to valves, valve lifters, rocker arms, and pistons for improved horsepower, fuel economy, and performance. Use before changing oil. Product Code: AEF

Don’t put clean oil in a dirty engine.  Use AMSOIL Engine Flush before switching to AMSOIL.

AMSOIL Engine Flush is especially recommended for use before changing to AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils, assuring that AMSOIL long life motor oils provide the maximum protection and service life they are designed to deliver.


AMSOIL Fast Acting Engine Flush dissolves and disperses the gums, varnishes, oxidation deposits and sludge formed in the crankcase and on cylinder walls, rings and pistons of internal combustion engines that have been using conventional petroleum oil.  It cleans and restores operating efficiency to valves, valve lifters and pistons for improved horsepower, fuel economy and performance.  One treatment of AMSOIL Engine Flush cleans engines for reduced wear and longer engine life.  Flushing requires one can per vehicle.  Not for use in motorcycle engines.

Why Clean Your Engine?

Chances are, when your engine was new it delivered the power and fuel efficiency it was designed for.  But now, as your engine accumulates miles, things are happening that are adversely affecting its performance.  Slowly but surely, your engine is gathering harmful deposits that will eventually cost you money.

Even though you may follow a routine service schedule, your driving conditions may be far from routine.  Stop and go driving, prolonged periods of idling, short trips that don't allow your engine time to warm up, towing a trailer, the ingestion of airborne dirt, fuel dilution, water condensation, and oxidized oil will eventually cause the formation of a thick, gummy deposit known as sludge.  Settling throughout the engine, sludge will clog oil passages, restricting the flow of oil to vital engine parts, especially in the upper valve train areas.

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